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Each Course Includes:

Video-based instruction, exercise labs, pre-assessments and post-assessments, and flash cards, in addition to a PDF project workbook. The workbook includes fill-in-the-blanks, glossary terms and definitions, and many other resources to help reinforce learning.

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Communication Skills for Business

The LearnKey Communication Skills for Business (CSB) course will help both students in school and adults in the workforce learn basic communication principles, plan for effective communication, discover best practices for business deliverables, hone message delivery, receive communications, and analyze communication scenarios. Effective communication is vital in interviews, presentations, and daily verbal and written communication. Whether you are searching for new employment or are a seasoned employee, communication skills can enrich your professional presence. This course is mapped to the Communication Skills for Business (CSB) certification exam objectives and will help you prepare to sit for the exam.


Intuit Personal Finance – U.S.

The Intuit Personal Finance - U.S. course equips students with foundational knowledge of personal finance concepts that can aid them in making critical short-term and long-term financial decisions. Students learn about earning income and paying taxes, budgeting, money-saving strategies, available loans, credit score importance, and risk management. Students can become financially responsible individuals as they learn and practice the financial literacy taught in this course.


Intuit QuickBooks Online V3

LearnKey's QuickBooks Online course walks students through using the cloud-based accounting software. Students will learn how to set up a QuickBooks Online account, create and manage lists and transactions, and make transactions recurring. In addition, students will explore basic financial reports and learn how to customize them to meet specific needs.


Entrepreneurship & Small Business V.2

LearnKey’s Entrepreneurship and Small Business V.2 course explores entrepreneurship and small business concepts, including legal business structures, business opportunities, and ways to obtain funding. Students will learn how to create and use a business plan, pitch deck, lean canvas. They will also learn how to identify their target market and calculate business financials.


Intuit Design for Delight Innovator

LearnKey's Intuit Design for Delight course explores the design thinking process to provide customer-centric solutions. The three design thinking principles, Deep Customer Empathy, Go Broad to Go Narrow, and Rapid Experiments with Customers, are discussed and practiced throughout the course. Students will learn how to perform observations, identify customer problems, brainstorm, narrow, prototype, and test solution ideas to provide customers with the highest level of delight.


Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional

LearnKey’s Certified Bookkeeping Professional course builds on a student’s knowledge and understanding of accounting and bookkeeping principles. It walks students through accounting basics like the double-entry accounting method, T-accounts, and the accounting cycle. Students will also learn how to account for assets, sales transactions, liabilities, equity, and purchase transactions along with how to reconcile accounts and read and analyze financial reports. The concepts taught in this course will prepare students to take and pass the Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional exam and improve one’s employability prospects in any job requiring bookkeeping skills.